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07 FĂ©v   2017
BhTZ1chWg a commenté cette photo
le 07 / 02 / 2017
This makes evnyhtrieg so completely painless.
PsBSPlSk8 a commenté cette photo
le 07 / 02 / 2017
Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and runignn.
hmhjE62cTzXx a commenté cette photo
le 07 / 02 / 2017
Come on now it’s not just disabled people they hate so you should not pay them the compliment of confining their prejudice and hatred to one single section of society. They also seem to hate &##a20;f2t&88221; people, unemployed people and people on ********. I wonder how many people attending Inchgarh who are disabled, unemployed, or having problems with their weight are aware the people running Inchgarth think they’re a bunch of fat scrounging sponging blobby layabouts. Not very good PR methinks.
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