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04 FĂ©v   2017
HXpobQAP a commenté cette photo
le 04 / 02 / 2017
Ho ho, who woluda thunk it, right?
fogli2vv a commenté cette photo
le 04 / 02 / 2017
Plsiaeng to find someone who can think like that
e5aRTBxl0 a commenté cette photo
le 04 / 02 / 2017
in one of his sermons. You’re absolutely right. Four hours of watching tv really add up, don’t they? I know the news is important, but I don’t hardly watch or listen to it. I can certainly tell the difference when I get a dose of it though. I agree, we o&0;d22#8281; have to get rid of the negative influences in our lives, whether it’s hiding a post on Facebook or minimizing our tv time.I like the idea of replacing them with positive information instead. Now, that’s a great use of time!Take care and thanks for the article!Allyson
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